Michael S. Koehler grew-up in Long Island, NY with a camera in his hand & a vision to document everything around him.  He was kicked out of his photography class in high school, that’s when he knew he wanted to be a photographer.  Pointing his camera in NO structured way, organically creating his style of art & portraiture.  After graduating from Rochester Institute of Technology with a BFA in Photography, Michael hit the road to experience LIFE!  Landing in many places, doing many things…Photographing the whole time.

Living in NYC, Michael became a traditional color & Black and White printer working in many professional darkrooms for over 20 years.  Having experienced working with some of the top photographers of that time.  Michael now lives outside NYC and shows his work in NYC & Lower Cape Cod.

Michael’s fine art photography experiments with his own recycled Black & White fiber prints, introducing them to an organic alternative process and the breakdown of materials.  Michael’s photography captures various forms and subjects by the employment of more random textual collage compositions.  Experimenting with recycled street elements (tape, stickers, and found objects), introducing them to his photographs and polaroid’s, thus creating a “new” interesting combination of thoughtful precision and spontaneous chaos.